Why Does Everyone Hate Rameses? – Crop Over 2017 – 1 

There are few artists who are disliked as much as Rameses Brown is in Barbados.

For those of you who don’t know who Rameses Brown is,

he is a soca artist who came to local Barbadian prominence in the mid to late 90s.


Rameses Brown
Rameses Brown

The reason for this dislike has always baffled me and I thought, why not dedicate a blog post to try to answer the question.

Why does everyone hate Rameses?

1. Rameses sings ok.

Rameses might be the first to tell you he is not a technically gifted singer. He can’t do the runs like Anderson Armstrong or hit you in the back of the room like Dr. Anthony “Gabby” Carter.

He simply stays in key for the majority of a song.

But you ask, there are other artists who are just ok singers as well that do not generate the level of “chupsedom*” Rameses does. What is wrong with singing ok?

Well, that is a good question and the answer is that Caribbean audiences generally like singers that can woo them or those that can’t sing who make them laugh.

Rameses is neither.

2.  Rameses has muscles.

This may seem like a strange one to put here as muscles are a good thing.

But for him

not really…

Rameses’ gym work seems to turn off guys who are haters and women who inevitably say:

“He feel he look good!”

Why this happens I am not too sure but this a music blog post not an anthropological one.

3. People have never forgiven Rameses for All Circuits Are Busy.

Rameses most popular hit was as catchy as it was hated. The song’s lyrics spoke about not being able to make a phone connection. Check it out below:

Due to the content and #4, many people hated the song. It didn’t help that Rameses went on to release several phone themed songs right after. A lot of people have never forgiven him for this with many unable to give him even the slightest forward.

4. Rameses has a nasal and light voice.

It has been shown that men with deeper voices tend to ascend the corporate ladder. A deep voice commands respect…

Rameses doesn’t have a deep voice.

He therefore sings with a nasal tenor voice which to many seems a little strange coming from a man his size.

5. Rameses doesn’t wuk up.

The wuk up dance is a big part of Soca music in Barbados.

Rameses doesn’t wuk up.

Instead, he stalks the stage like an itchy brown bear that is full of rhythm.

This lack of standard movement once again puts Rameses in the back of the love line.

The five reasons I have listed here are not held by every one of course. Rameses does have fans even though I have never met any. Personally, I think he is unfairly treated as haters let their biases as identified above cloud their judgement of his current work.

So people, stop giving Rameses blows and realize your bias. So next year my post would read:

Why everyone loves Rameses?

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Stefan Walcott is a Barbadian pianist and composer. Throughout his career, Stefan has been privileged to perform with and write for a wide cross-section of artists, both in England where he studied and in his native Barbados. Stefan has arranged for Nicholas Brancker, the Brazilian Sinfonica and created Handel’s Caribbean Messiah, a re-working of the classical work. Stefan currently is director of the 1688 Collective a production company and 1688 Dingolay Inc. a not-for-profit. Stefan currently has a PhD in cultural studies with interest in music of the English-speaking Caribbean.

8 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Hate Rameses? – Crop Over 2017 – 1 

  1. Everybody does not hate Ramases. I am a big fan of Ramases from his Teen Talent days and I know of many others who are fans. Some of his detractors have come from that same Teen Talent forum where if you sounded as close to the original singer of a song and can mimic the antics of the singer you were a big hit with that Teen Talent crowd at the time Ramses came through. I posit that it is that Teen Talent crowd that forms the Ramases Detractors and the fact that females are the nucleus of those detractors compounds the situation. They can be very unforgiving.

    1. King, the everyone hates Rameses a play on the everybody hates Chris. Of course not everyone hates him. I have however been on stage numerous times backing Rameses where he has really good material and not even one clap! It made me realize people are not listening to him. That is why I wrote this.

      Great Teen Talent story. Thanks for contributing.

  2. Great talent just listen and give the man a chance. He have written a number of songs and who have performed them did well.

    1. Well, maybe that’s where he should make his money….realise what he’s good at and stick to it….Write the songs and let someone else actually sing them

      1. He can’t sing and a lot of others can’t either but they still get forward… Simply put it’s because it’s Rameses.

      2. Everyone has the God given right of dreams and no one has the authority if a person should pursue them or not!
        It’s a much better attitude to try and fail..thanks do nothing but sit and judge or criticize

  3. Ramses has written several hits as well. Possibly edit your piece to highlight such and name them. The said haters would be surprised.

  4. LOL! I loved this article, perfect way to end my night. I must say though, while like others I can say I do not hate Rameses (well kinda, he is shaky on the business front as well) , I DO hate his music. Anyone who says differently, must be a part of his 20 person fan club and therefore, can not be considered a sample of the general population. The reason why most of these comments would even be in his favour, is because most people hate him so much they won’t bother to read this article as they already know that they hate him and why. So to those of you who are here depending him, congrats for being good fans, I would do it for Rihanna if someone came at her as well. Also stop taking life so seriously , the article is funny, enjoy it and move on.

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