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Hey everyone,

I will be contributing some articles to this fantastic web news site, It is a new  great resource for Caribbean news and opinion. Here is the link to the article I have written there about Tessanne Chin and her The Voice win. Check it Out!



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Stefan Walcott is a Barbadian pianist and composer. Throughout his career, Stefan has been privileged to perform with and write for a wide cross section of artists, both in England where he studied, and in his native Barbados. Stefan currently is artistic director of the only big band and steel pan group in the Caribbean, the 1688 Orchestra which he started. This group, functions under his social business, Hats Music, which has set about to return live music to the various spaces in Barbados. Stefan is currently reading for a Phd in cultural studies with a specialty interest in music of the English-speaking Caribbean.

2 thoughts on “Contributing to – Stefan Walcott

  1. Agreed with your points on Tessanne and the Voice. We would make the joke about the xfactor that the winner tends to lose the most and it’s best to come second or third. Strange enough, in the UK, the second or third place acts go on to do more than the first place act who disappears into the pop ether. The whole culture of performing for public vote as opposed to appreciation, and for industry-led coaching as opposed to creative mentoring through partnership, can disrupt the creative and financial progress of an artist. Surely Tessanne’s grounding in her craft and career should put her in a better position than past “winners”.

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