The Guardian Newspaper Spouge Feature

This article

which is my first international newspaper feature, came out of this blog.

Thank you for your support over the years and I look forward to contributing more content to Caribbean knowledge.

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Stefan Walcott is a Barbadian pianist and composer. Throughout his career, Stefan has been privileged to perform with and write for a wide cross-section of artists, both in England where he studied and in his native Barbados. Stefan has arranged for Nicholas Brancker, the Brazilian Sinfonica and created Handel’s Caribbean Messiah, a re-working of the classical work. Stefan currently is director of the 1688 Collective a production company and 1688 Dingolay Inc. a not-for-profit. Stefan currently has a PhD in cultural studies with interest in music of the English-speaking Caribbean.

2 thoughts on “The Guardian Newspaper Spouge Feature

  1. I am just so pleased with these developments Dr Walcott! Please continue to mine, analyse and disseminate the rich heritage and contributions of Barbadian musical culture. Thank you!
    Eudine Barriteau

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