New Book: “Creole Music of the French West Indies: A Discography, 1900‑1959” 

Heard about this through social media. I love it when then that platform works!

Repeating Islands


Soca News announces the upcoming publication of Creole Music of the French West Indies: A Discography, 1900‑1959 by Alain Boulanger, John Cowley, and Marc Monneraye. This book will be released on October 30, 2014.

Dedicated students of the history of Trinidad Carnival will probably have on their bookshelves a treasured copy of Carnival, Canboulay and Calypso by John Cowley. Published in 1996 by Cambridge University Press, it is the authoritative work on carnival from the 1780s up to 1920, much of it based on contemporary reports.

It is exciting, then, to hear that Cowley has contributed to a major new work, which will be published in English and French on 15th November.

As it title indicates, Creole Music of the French West Indies: a Discography, 1900‑1959 looks at the musical traditions of the French Caribbean islands. It includes Cowley’s essay ‘Mascarade, biguine and the bal nègre’, which traces the music from its origins in the…

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Stefan Walcott is a Barbadian pianist and composer. Throughout his career, Stefan has been privileged to perform with and write for a wide cross-section of artists, both in England where he studied and in his native Barbados. Stefan has arranged for Nicholas Brancker, the Brazilian Sinfonica and created Handel’s Caribbean Messiah, a re-working of the classical work. Stefan currently is director of the 1688 Collective a production company and 1688 Dingolay Inc. a not-for-profit. Stefan currently has a PhD in cultural studies with interest in music of the English-speaking Caribbean.

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